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  1. details, new hampshire

    05 Oct 2022

    Addendum to the previous journal post: some 35mm black + white film scans from NH walks… Boulder on the Discovery trail Pool at Sabbaday Falls Cliffs over Sabbaday Falls Textures at Sabbaday Falls Trail pines leading to Sabbaday Falls Fungi on the Lincoln trail to Franconia Falls

  2. white mountains, new hampshire

    25 Aug 2022

    An iPhone photo-dump of a week walking + camping in the White Mountains Boulder Loop trail (2.8 mi) Welch-Dickey Loop trail (4.4 mi) White admiral butterfly on Welch-Dickey Welch-Dickey Loop Welch-Dickey Loop From the summit of Mt. Washington On Mt. Washington On Mt. Washington Lake of the Clouds & hut…

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