seasonal affective disorder has set in. here’s a really simple drawing i put together after weeks of the typical creative drought. it may or may not be completed. i wish i could figure out how to give these works more texture and depth, either digitally or on paper, but i don’t know if i have the motivation to do that.

winter river


one of my newest pipe dream future goals is to have one of my drawings turned into a giant mural on the side of a building, or even just an interior wall. i’ve always been more comfortable working small and with as few/simple materials as possible. i don’t like having to hold onto a physical end product. but i do like the idea of a product that is built into a place, which is what my work is about – place (landscape), but also place without physical burden. just “finished” the below piece…

desert layers (working title)

bye, instagram

it was getting, frankly, disheartening, having only porn bots ‘interact’ with my account…so i removed the app from my phone, but not before archiving all posts and deleting all highlights (the account is still activated for personal reference/future return).

i’m interested to see how my work can grow in the absence of instagram’s outsized influence on my (and most other’s) creativity, so i will try to post snapshots and drawings here on my own site to track the growth. below is a work i started a couple of months ago and only found the mental fortitude to return to now, and even that was a struggle.


in hindsight, it feels like a blend of the northeast appalachians/white mountains i recently saw for the first time with the brown/gold skies of the wildfire-torn west coast.

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